Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerabilities in applications, databases and networks introduce security weaknesses that can increase your data breach risk. But keeping track of the systems-throughout their lifecycle and evolution-and their associated vulnerabilities can be a monumental challenge. We help you find, fix and remediate vulnerabilities across your business to put you back in control and be more secured. Our Vulnerability Management services deliver proactive scanning, testing and remediation of application, database and network vulnerabilities so you can better protect your customer data, financial information, intellectual property and other key assets. Through our integrated, on demand security testing platform, you can rapidly identify and address security weaknesses, thereby significantly helping you to reduce threats and risk. And because our vulnerability management is delivered through the cloud and our industry-leading managed security services, you can worry less about scanning and testing product complexity, resource constraints, and in-house security skills shortages–so you can focus on your core business objectives. Some of our services are provided by our very experienced partners who specialize in Vulnerability Management.

Vulnerability Management services will help you to:

  • Find, fix and remediate vulnerabilities across your business applications, databases and networks
  • Make managing vulnerabilities more cost predictable and controllable through our cloud-based, flex-spend model
  • Simplify and manage your access to our expert penetration testers and ethical hackers
  • Gain ultimate vulnerability visibility–across your business and among various departments–all in one portal

As part of the Cybersecurity defense strategy we conduct initial and on-going Vulnerability and Network Penetration Testing that is intended to reveal any vulnerabilities and security related issues that can cause damage to your bottom line and reputation. Each test starts with the generation of a written test plan that includes areas to be tested, expected results, time frame, rules of engagement and network entry points to be tested.

Our testing services include:

  • External and internal penetration tests
  • Social engineering issues with users such as spear phishing
  • Application code review and un-patched programs
  • Continuous compliance monitoring
  • Remote access testing
  • E-commerce web sites vulnerabilities
  • Database vulnerabilities
  • Network vulnerabilities

The deliverables after each test are:

  • A detailed report of what has been tested and how
  • Findings in areas that uncovered potential issues prioritized by risk level
  • Suggested implementation of software and hardware security tools and time frames
  • Recommendations as to who is responsible for each security related task and for enforcing security related policies
  • Changes to policies and procedures if and when required

Explanation of Cybersecurity terms can be found here.


Secure Your Applications: Plan, test, build, run and protect smarter and safer web, mobile and cloud applications. Our vulnerability management services help you improve the way you deliver and maintain secure apps for your customers, partners and employees. Whether you need automated application security testing across all of your applications, in-depth penetration testing for your most business-critical apps or continuous web application firewall protection, we can help.

Protect Your Databases: As the production of digital information grows at record rates, relational databases and big data stores are becoming more integral to organizations of all sizes. These repositories – which often contain the lifeblood of your business – must be protected to prevent improper access and leakage or disclosure of the sensitive data contained within them. We will help you to discover, assess and report on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and improper access controls within databases and big data stores and map them to industry security and compliance requirements.

Plug Your Network: We give your business insight into network vulnerabilities and exposure to attack and/or compromise from outside and inside the corporate firewall. Through the portal, we can manage a prioritized list of vulnerabilities, understand how to fix them and produce reports detailing and verifying your remediation progress over time. You can use our services to meet both IT security objectives – such as protecting confidential data and ensuring the integrity and availability of IT systems – and compliance goals, including auditing security controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Managed Services:

Business Security Consultants provides Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services and a 365 x 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) with experienced system engineers, consultants and technicians. Some of our services are provided by our trusted and experienced business partners.

Penetration Testing: A penetration test or “ethical hack” evaluates an application’s or network’s ability to withstand attack. During a penetration test, you authorize an expert (or “ethical hacker”) armed with the same techniques as today’s Cybercriminals to hack into your network or application. Such an exercise will open your eyes to vulnerabilities you didn’t know existed and the effects of exploitation. Managed Security Testing allows IT and information security teams to take a programmatic approach to vulnerability management through managed vulnerability scanning across databases, networks and applications, as well as, in-depth manual penetration testing of networks and applications. We provide four levels of penetration testing to align with four levels of threats to your network. Depending on your budget and the business-value you assign to the assets you intend to test, you will choose one of the four levels .

Vulnerability scanning evaluates a system for potential vulnerabilities or weak configurations, is largely automated and can only ever find a subset of security issues. Penetration testing, on the other hand, is a manual process performed by a human. A penetration tester will use tools as part of their work, and they also apply their human ingenuity to exploit vulnerabilities and illustrate what an attacker might be capable of when targeting a particular system.

Managed Web Application Firewall: E-commerce sites are a top target of hackers because their web applications handle valuable credit account and identity theft information. With the Web Application Firewall (WAF) services, we will set and update protective WAF policy for you, block attacks, continuously monitor your web applications for attacks and performance, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). Features include Continuous Protection, Real-time Detection, Built-In Compliance Reporting, Greater Scalability and Improved Performance.

Database & Big Data Scanning: Databases are an enticing target for cyber criminals, and many organizations fall short in protecting these critical repositories of customer information and intellectual property. Our database vulnerability assessment software is used to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, configuration errors, rogue installations and access issues in their database deployments. It is a database and big data store scanner that can immediately uncover configuration mistakes, identification and access control issues, missing patches or any toxic combination of settings that could lead to privilege escalation, denial-of-service attacks, data leakage or unauthorized modification of data. We can quickly discover, assess and report on the security, risk or compliance posture of any database or big data store within your environment – either on premise or in the cloud.

Application Scanning: You have to measure risk to manage risk. Today’s fastest-growing risk category is web application vulnerabilities. Analysts have estimated that around 75 percent of attacks now target the application layer, exploiting more than 6,000 known software vulnerabilities. How will you find your application vulnerabilities and remediate them before the criminals do? With our highly accurate App Scanner solutions, we can automatically detect web vulnerabilities, prioritize them and use best-practice advice to quickly fix or block them. The Application Scanner also offers the widest range of scanning options to best meet your specific security and business needs.

Network Vulnerability Scanning: Keep track of the systems, applications and databases on your network – and their associated vulnerabilities – throughout their lifecycle and evolution. Our Vulnerability Management services offer you a front-row view into the systems, applications and databases residing on your network and how those assets may be vulnerable to attack. It allows us to manage a prioritized list of vulnerabilities, understand how to fix them and produce reports detailing and verifying your remediation progress over time with significantly fewer false positives and increased scan efficiency.